My Never-Ending Battle with the Grocery List

My fiance is the money guy, I am the foodie. I don’t care to spend an enormous amount on something that I think looks delicious in a bakery window, and I don’t care that something is overpriced if it tastes good. I would spend half my paycheck on cookbooks and food. Unfortunately, there are other things like car payments, rent, and doggy insurance to pay for (don’t ask me why my dog has health insurance and I don’t). Fiance and I always go to the grocery together, because I’m the one who actually plans the meals and cooks and knows what ingredients go in what, and he keeps tabs on how much I’m spending as we go along. It drives me crazy. This week, I’ve persuaded him to stay behind while I shop. I’ve agreed to stay within a certain budget ($50, because we’ll be on vacation for six days of the fourteen days I’m shopping for). I’ve made the grocery list and he has no idea what’s on it, or what it goes to, or why we need it. Little does he know, he’s going to start clean eating a very small smidgen at a time. I’ve estimated that I’ll make eleven dinners and five snacks with my haul this week, for two people, for fifty dollars. One part of me is confidant I’ll be able to do so, the other is a little doubtful. Here’s what’s on my list:


- Greek yogurt

- Milk

- Eggs

- Heavy whipping cream


- Bananas

- Romaine lettuce

- Carrots

- Broccoli

- Green onions

- Zucchini


- Honey

- Chocolate Chips

- Cornstarch

- Pasta sauce

- Cream of chicken soup

Frozen foods (yuck!):

- French fries

- Digorno


- Wheat hamburger buns

- Crescents

- Italian breadcrumbs

- Wheat spaghetti

- Brown rice

- Steel cut oats

Now, this is not nearly what we normally buy, for two reasons, one being our vacation and the other being my mother who owns a small Amish foods and deli in my hometown far, far away. The last time she was in town, she brought me a large abundance of chicken and various fresh cheeses to stock my freezer and fridge with, and as meats and cheeses are usually my biggest grocery expenses, this helps out tremendously. So can I do it? Will I be able to face the grocery tomorrow and come out with both my budget and my self-respect intact? Can I persuade my scrooge of a fiance to trust me with the grocery budget? Stay tuned to find out.

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